New Home Elevator Draws Sci-Fi Parallels

Stairlifts are a common feature in multiple story homes of older people who need help making it up or down the stairs. Unfortunately, many devices to help people navigate from one floor to another are unsightly and, if your staircase doesn’t fit specific criteria, might not even fit in the house. Meanwhile, most elevators are too bulky for homes, and so many people end up having to move into a smaller, one-storey home if they develop knee problems or the like.

This is especially true in Britain, where houses, and subsequently staircases, tend to be narrower than in many parts of the United States. Terry Lifts, a company based in Cheshire, has an answer. Their Lifestyle Lift is small enough for home use, and has a number of built in safety and convenience features that make it useful for people in these situations. Plus, it tends to draw parallels to science fiction, especially Star Trek and Doctor Who.

It’s not a turbo lift, or a transporter, or a TARDIS, but the elevator does work in such a way that it only has to occupy space in one room at a time. The tube-like elevator can sink down to the first floor to leave room on the second, or ascend to the second floor to leave room on the first. The space it uses isn’t gone for good. It also has sensors to prevent it from crushing anything underneath it, and in the even of a power loss, gently comes to rest on the floor.

So far, they’ve shipped 200 units, which take 4 or 5 days to install, across the European Union. They aren’t cheap, but owners seem to think that they’re worth the investment. Other, bulkier options aren’t cheap either, and who doesn’t want to live in a future house?


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