Private Equity Leaders and Their Philosophies

The leaders of private equity firms all have a lot of things in common that have helped them to become successful. Despite these similarities, however, they all have a unique take on what it takes to be successful and what the role of a leader exactly is.

To show the breadth of the difference in opinions and professional philosophies, we have gathered videos from several private equity leaders speaking about their leadership styles and business strategies. Check it out!

George R. Roberts

In this video, George R. Roberts of KKR discusses the importance of partnership in business. Roberts stresses the importance of sharing values with those you work and do business with. After all, he says, “people do business with people they like and trust.”


David Rubenstein

In this video, David Rubenstein of The Carlyle Group discusses the early part of starting his company and speaks about every person having a specialty at which they are indispensible. Rubenstein also discusses the best way to deploy humor in a business setting. Skip to ~27:00 for this content, though the entire video is a good watch.


Stephen Schwarzman

In this video, Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone talks with the Stanford Graduate School of Business about the importance of hiring phenomenal people. “You don’t do well unless you’re hiring people who are consistent with your values,” Schwarzman says.


Larry Fink

In this video, Larry Fink of BlackRock talks about the importance of adaptability and how it intersects with hiring and leadership to achieve long-term business success. “You have to adapt and be harsh, you have to make sure you have the best talent pool,” Fink says. Fink provides examples from his experience at BlackRock.


John Reed

In this video, John Reed, formerly of Citigroup, talks about how people are affected by vision in the business world. Reed explains that his vision is a large part of his leadership style. Reed believes his vision attracted people to him and allowed him to maximize his opportunities.


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