AT&T Helped the NSA Spy on the United Nations


It turns out that the NSA had access to United Nations communications for 2003 to 2013, and they had that access with the help of AT&T, who acts as the service provide for the international body within the United States. In light of this information, the UN has stated that they expect member states to respect their privacy, and live up to standards established in 1961 concerning the international body.

It came out in 2013 that the NSA had access to UN communications following the 2013 leak of NSA information by Edward Snowden. It turns out that AT&T was recruited to help the NSA with a wiretapping operation against the United Nations following a secret court order. In 2013, after this came to light, the United States pledged not to spy on the United Nations, but that came after earlier claims that the country wasn’t, and would not, spy on the UN.

It is unclear whether or not the UN will retain AT&T as a service provider, but it’s hard to blame them for their actions. After all, they faced a secret court order from a government spy agency, what would happen if they said no? To put AT&T in that position is hardly fair to the company, and it certainly doesn’t make the NSA look any better. Since the Snowden leaks in 2013 it’s been a pretty much constant parade of people complaining abut the NSA, everyone from private citizens to the president of Germany, and now to the United Nations.

Spying on the United Nations, an organization with the goal of furthering international diplomacy and world peace, not promoting terrorism against any state, much less the United States of America, seems like the height of paranoia. To think even that officials from any countries that did wish to support terrorist actions against the US would be stupid enough to have those conversations at the United Nations is absurd.


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