How to Become a Great Boss Your Employees Will Love

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Bosses sometimes let their need to get results get in the way of being nice to their employees and forging a close bond. However, some leaders maintain this friendliness and approachability while still getting everything done—these are the truly great leaders of the world.

One of these is Keith Krach, who was recently recognized as a Bay Area Most Admired CEO with the “Game Changer” award from the San Francisco Business Times. “Keith is a passionate leader known to attract top talent, build high-performance teams, and inspire a shared vision focused around customer success,” said Rick Smith, Equifax CEO. “He is a front and center leader who puts everyone—customers, employees, partners, and the community around him—ahead of himself. Keith’s legacy as a great coach and mentor is evident in the results of both the companies he’s led and the teams he’s developed.”

That’s some high praise for a CEO, and it embodies the fact that CEOs can be leaders of the people while also keeping the business afloat. So how can you become a great leader that your employees like and look up to? Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Don’t be a jerk

Okay, this is obvious. But it’s worth mentioning because of the huge amount of harm that can come from yelling, paranoia, disparaging your employees, or publicly reprimanding them. These types of actions set your relationship with your employees in an unfriendly and almost confrontational way. You’ll never get anywhere if you let these habits slip into your managerial style.

Be genuine

This just comes down to being honest and respectable. When you give your word that you will complete a task, do you best to follow through and make it happen. Also just be yourself around your employees—they will appreciate that you are willing to speak to them person-to-person instead of just as a boss speaking to their subordinate.

As much as possible, be transparent

People respect and trust others they know are honest with them. Aiming for complete transparency with your employees is the ultimate goal for achieving this type of respect among your employees. While the size of your business might preclude you from getting face time with every single employee, try to keep people that need to be in the know as informed as you can be reasonably expected to.

Your employees are people

This is what it ultimately comes down to—never forget that your employees are people with feelings, motivations, and desires of their own. They work very hard everyday to keep your business humming, so be mindful of asking too much of them and be open when they ask for time off or reasonable changes to the workday.

Check out this article from Harvard Business Review for some further reading!


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