Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt Join Cast of the Revived Mystery Science Theater 3000


Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a TV show where a guy and a couple of robot puppets sit in a movie theater and make fun of bad movies. They’re forced to do this by a mad scientist. Also, they are in space, trapped on the Satellite of Love. It’s a show that has a huge cult following, which started out on local TV in Minnesota, then moved the Comedy Channel (later Comedy Central), and then the Sci Fi Channel, before it’s final cancellation in 1999.

Since then the show has lived on the Internet, with people posting old episodes often ripped from VHS tapes, until they’re taken down, at which point they post them again. The show itself, officially, was in a kind of limbo as they had to work out a bunch of legal issues because of the rights to the old movies that were part of the show. Now though, that’s all take care of, and creator Joel Hodgson has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the show back.

The Kickstarter met it’s initial goal in a few days (surprising literally noone familiar with it) and hit their next goal of $3.3 million over the weekend, locking in six new episodes. It’s an expensive show to produce these days, much of which is probably going to involve rights and paying the new cast and crew.

That new cast includes Jonah Ray, perhaps best known as one of the hosts of the Nerdist Podcast, as the new host, who will be forced to watch bad movies with robot companions. The new mad scientist is none other than Felicia Day who, if you know anything about the Internet, doesn’t need an introduction. Day turned her own webseries, The Guild, into an Internet empire, joining forces with YouTube to found her Geek & Sundry channel, which is now part of Legendary Pictures. Day’s mad scientist will have Patton Oswalt’s henchman as a foil.

Hodgson is making some excellent choices in regards to casting. The Kickstarter campaign is already going well, but the additions of Day and Oswalt will likely stoke these fires and keep the money rolling in.


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