Foreclosures Make it Hard to Find Potential Voters


The 2008 financial meltdown had an impact a lot of people and in a lot of sectors. Hundreds of thousands of families were unable to pay their mortgages and as a result many were forced to move during the crisis. The problem hit nonwhite homeowners twice as hard as it did whites, especially in Nevada, which is over a quarter Latino.

Those issues are proving difficult for Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton has a wide lead among Latino voters, and Sanders needs to chip away at that in order to get the nomination, and ahead of the February 20 Nevada caucus, they’ve both been trying to reach out to potential supporters through the traditional campaign of mailers and phone calls.

The problem is that many of the people they’re trying to get in touch with have moved, sometimes more than once, since their voter registration information has been updated. And, some of the address provided have changed hands multiple times, making it nearly impossible to get that information to voters who are no longer living where expected.

The problem is worse in Nevada because it’s been hit by waves of foreclosures, and Las Vegas sits at the #1 city in the country for them. As the real estate market there continues to suffer, it directly impacts people living in the city and surrounding area. This knock-on effect of the financial crisis would have been difficult, if not impossible, to predict at the time, but economy and politics are intertwined and they likely won’t ever be otherwise. There are undoubtedly other side effects of the 2008 crisis, which continue to affect people to this day, whether they were directly involved or not. As capitalism becomes ever more abstracted, and the economy increasingly dependent upon numbers and money instead of physical products, these kind of ripple effects will continue to occur.


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