The iPhone SE is about Affordability, not Flash


Apple Inc. announced a new iPhone model on March 21st, called the iPhone SE. It cots $399 without a contract, and is much cheaper than the top of the line iPhone 6s Plus, which comes in at $649. It is also smaller, with a 4 inch screen, where the next smallest iPhone has a 6.7 inch screen.

The SE has a tall order before it. Apple has seen phone sales slipping for the first time in 9 years, through which they have more or less run the smartphone market. They made their phones larger starting with the iPhone 5, in response to the size of the Samsung Galaxy phones, but that also made them more expensive. The SE is intended to appeal to people who want a smaller phone, and those who want a smaller price point at which to get into Apple products.

That smaller price point is the other half of the SE’s purpose, which is to compete with cheaper phones running Android. The SE is expected to work in the “middle” of the smartphone market, where people want quality phones that they can actually afford. The iPhone 6 is priced outside that in the “top” of the market, and it’s a safe bet that the iPhone 7, due out later this year, will be as well.

The SE didn’t rally impress anyone though. Apple is a company known for innovation, although their products actually tend to be more of a slight improvement on their previous model. And that’s fine, when you’re actually using those products, but it’s not very exciting to announce. The SE announcement was actually pretty low key as well, held on-campus instead of a larger venue in San Francisco like they normally do.

All of that belies a sort of sheepish release, like this phone is something they need to do, not something they want to do.


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