Stanford’s Business School Reinvents the Health Care Industry

stanford business school


Stanford’s Graduate School of Business has a dynamic course of study for health care executives seeking to innovate their industry. A partnership between Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) and the School of Medicine (SOM) combines faculty and resources from both institutions into a groundbreaking one-week program for executives. It offers executive education in a variety of areas, including innovation, marketing, negotiation, strategy, and technology.

Stanford Graduate School of Business has an ongoing tradition of providing innovate business education and graduating students who make a difference by working on issues that have a wide impact. Leaders like Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, marketing leader Seth Godin, and General Atlantic’s Vice President Brandon Kerns got their start at Stanford.

Health care providers, insurance companies, and patients must find a way to work together to rescue our beleaguered health care system. The Innovate Health Care Leader: From Design Thinking to Personal Leadership will provide executives with new skills that will help then to navigate a health care industry that changes as an alarming pace.

Students will learn how to use design thinking to innovate their products, services, and organizational processes. Design thinking is a human-centered and prototype-driven process. During the sessions students will be exposed to the core components of design thinking. They will work with a partner and use exercises to learn how the design process is used to improve health care delivery.

A review of current trends in technology and its applications in a health care context is always part of this exciting program. Students will learn how to use technology to improve patient care and customer service. They will learn to develop strategies that will help them to create systems that dissolve barriers between stakeholders while improving services and the well being of patients and care providers.


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