Workaholics Aren’t More Successful, New Study Finds

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The image of the employee who lives for work and lets it totally dominate their life is going out of style. There are definitely still employers who feel that people should be more concerned with their work, but just like workaholics, these employers are going out of style. The prevailing image has been that people who put their lives ahead of their jobs are less successful, but according to a new study by Swiss researchers, that simply isn’t true.

The study found that people who have “strong non-work orientations” (that is to say they take time for their families, hobbies, or other aspects of their personal life) do not have lower salaries or less success than workaholics. In fact, people with strong non-work orientations report higher satisfaction within their career and their life. More satisfied employees are less likely to quit, which is good for employers.

The study didn’t find any real significant differences between men and women with strong non-work orientations, other than the fact that women tend to plan their careers with things outside of work in mind from the start, which men are less likely to do. Workers with families tended to have greater levels of satisfaction, but that isn’t to say that those without families weren’t happy. Not everybody wants a traditional family, after all.

The key takeaway is that employers are better off letting workers have their own personal lives. That can mean a lot of things ranging from more vacation time to decreased work hours. With the rapid development of social media, it has become increasingly common for employers to look potential employees up on Facebook or Twitter and to keep an eye on them after they’re hired. But this latest study suggests that maybe potential job candidates and current employees shouldn’t be judged on the activities they engage in on their own personal time. Perhaps taking on a more human-approach to employment will make for a healthier, happier workplace for all involved.


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