The Unexpected Fallout From Trump’s “Nasty Woman” Comment

A photo of Donald Trump.

Photo credit: Andrew Cline / Shutterstock

It turns out a nasty insult can do wonders for a person—even when they weren’t the subject of the jab.

Just hours after Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” on Wednesday night’s debate, Janet Jackson’s 1986 hit “Nasty” became an Internet sensation. From multiple lyric quotes on Twitter to the inevitable mashup videos with the song playing over Trump’s comments, the tune was everywhere.

“Nasty” has become so popular that streaming giant Spotify shared its impressive play numbers on its Twitter page Wednesday morning:

“Who’s jamming to that nasty groove? It’s you lot, with streams of Nasty up 250% since last night… #debates”

It shouldn’t come as a shock that Trump’s statements are a hit (or miss) with the Internet—most would agree that he is a walking soundbite and meme generator. But he has yet to make an apology for the comment that has ignited anger in women (and men) when it comes to what many perceive as extremely sexist language. Yet love him or hate him, his nasty comment just put a good amount of cash in the mom-to-be’s pocket. And the best part is? Janet didn’t have to do a thing!

She’s not alone though. As to be expected, people with a lot of creativity and a good amount of time on their hands found ways to make money off of Trump’s brash comments (he would be so proud). Everything from nasty woman t-shirts to a plethora of merchandise like coffee mugs, pillows, and tote bags are currently trending. While this election has been a headache for many, it has turned out to be an entrepreneur’s dream.

Janet Jackson has yet to comment on her 30-year-old song making a comeback, and she never may, but it’s a fine example of how blurry the lines have become between presidential debates and pop culture, especially when the Internet is involved. It’s also safe to assume that when the election comes and goes, people will still be using Trump’s quotes to sell memorabilia and make ubiquitous memes, and they may be doing so for months to come.


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