Amazon Has Become a Haven for Counterfeit Products

A photo of a person shopping on Amazon.

Photo credit: ymgerman / Shutterstock

As Amazon continues to expand, they’ve been allowing more and more companies to sell directly to consumers. That’s great for Amazon and is part of what is driving their rapid growth. But unfortunately, that growth comes with some pretty unpleasant side effects. Namely, it’s given rise to a whole market of counterfeit products that are much cheaper than the real thing. These products are cheap knockoffs that are harming the original manufacturers.

Among the most glaring example is the Forearm Forklift, a set of straps used to move furniture. The company that makes them has been losing sales left and right as customers go to Amazon and do what they always do: buy the cheapest one they can find. The problem is, those cheap sales aren’t the real thing; they’re fakes that can’t deliver on their promises.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that Forearm Forklift can do about it. If another company were making a similar product for cheaper, that would be one thing. But we’re talking about cheap knockoffs that shamelessly steal images from the actual manufacturer in order to scam customers into thinking that they’re buying the real thing.

Amazon is not doing a good job of dealing with this issue. What they need to do is aggressively track down counterfeiters and other fraudulent sellers. While Amazon has started instituting more policies to prevent them from selling in the first place, it obviously isn’t working.

There are a lot of factors involved in their poor response, from Amazon being a huge company with many layers of management to work through, to the breakneck speed at which digital sales spaces are changing, to the simple fact that those garbage items are still generating revenue for Amazon. But if they don’t do something about this issue, it may eventually catch up with them, and people might decide to take their hard-earned money elsewhere.


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