Improving Cyber Security Through Public-Private Collaboration

A photo of a busy, cyber security office.

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According to George Washington University, the lack of communication and cooperation between the public and private sector is resulting in weak cyber security. While the government is of course involved in cyber security, they’re the main player, and have their own concerns, meaning that the private sector becomes the primary target for cyber crime and other attacks. In essence, the government can’t do enough fast enough to protect the private sector, something which is very much in their interest to do.

That lack of communication isn’t because the government doesn’t care, but because existing laws pertaining to cyber security don’t make public-private collaboration particularly easy. They also limit the kinds of active defenses that private organizations can use, which are some of the best ways to defend against cyber attacks, but involve things like “hacking back,” which are prohibited by existing legislation.

The Active Defense Task Force has been looking into this for a while. It is their recommendation that we amend existing legislature in order to better assist public-private collaboration on active defense. Not all active defense has teams of hackers on staff to go after groups that attack your company, but there are a number of legally allowed system that essentially allow us to detect attacks before they happen and to gather information about those attacks. Some such programs are in effect, but according to the Task Force, they could be better used if they were better developed, and that requires collaboration.

Cyber security is a big deal, and certainly something worth taking seriously. Large scale attacks on private organizations can result in economic chaos as whole swaths of the Internet go down and commerce suffers. Hackers routinely violate and release the private information of not just celebrities but other citizens as well, exposing them to fraud and harassment on a daily basis. Having a better handle on how to prevent such attacks is definitely a priority for our country.


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