Fragrance Products Are Bad for Health and Business

A photo of a perfume bottle being sprayed.

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Over several decades now, we’ve been inundated with products that “smell nice.” From air fresheners to cleaning supplies, we’ve assumed that these pleasant scents are safe to use. Some fragrances even make us feel more relaxed and/or focused. The problem is, these products are harmful, not only for individuals, but for businesses as well.

According to Professor Anne Steinemann from the University of Melbourne School of Engineering, these products all contain hazardous pollutants. As an expert on air pollutants, Professor Steinemann claims that most of these ingredients aren’t even listed on the bottle since many countries don’t require a complete listing of ingredients.

We’ve all known (or are) a person who gets headaches around air fresheners. And that’s not uncommon. According to a recent study by Professor Steinemann, exposure to such products can result in anything from headaches to asthma attacks. And if you think it’s rare, think again: 34.7% of Americans suffer adverse effects from being around such fragrances.

Steinemann also found that 20% of respondents left a store or other business as soon as possible when it had such fragrances. Additionally, 15% of employees had missed work due to headaches or other side effects caused by fragrances. Worse yet, almost every single American is exposed to such products.

Whether or not these products will actually be addressed by regulatory agencies any time soon is questionable, probably even unlikely, but they seem to certainly be causing more problems than they solve. This is where businesses can step in and make a difference.

Businesses should protect employees and customers by removing air fresheners from the bathroom, removing fragrant products from the office or store, and by using natural cleaners. Businesses who stop using fragrances can help customers and employees stay healthier. Not to mention, it saves a lot of money, too.


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3 Responses to Fragrance Products Are Bad for Health and Business

  1. I agree: “Harmful” is the right word choice. Chemical fragrance gives me brain fog, facial pain, and headaches.

    I wrote a short essay (450 words) called “The Moral Argument Against Fragranced Products.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback:

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