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Alisa Chumachenko


In 2012, Alisa Chumachenko founded Game Insight International in Moscow. Her companies’ most successful mobile app is Paradise Island, and at one point was making $1 million per month on Android phones. Game Insights International reported $50 million in revenue in 2011. She just added a San Francisco headquarters, which has its own publishing website.

“While we definitely enjoy creating more casual titles for social and mobile, and have seen great success from games like Paradise Island, Airport City, and The Tribez, Dragon Eternity was something of a passion project for us,” Chumachenko stated.

Today, Game Insight Group is a big player in the social network and mobile game market. During just one year, the user number of their games being played exceeded the twenty million mark and is still growing.

Before create Game Insight, Alisa Chumachenko worked as the Vice President for Marketing and Advertising in a holding company Astrum Online Entertainment. She formed an amazing marketing team in in Russia, which allowed the company to have steady growth and launched dozens of free to play MMOG projects. Alisa Chumachenko continues to create great work and was dubbed as one of the Top 5 Women in Tech Startups to watch Out For by the Huffington Post.

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