Apple Reportedly Buys 3D Technology Company PrimeSense for $345 Million

Apple LogoAccording to Reuters, Apple has acquired PrimeSense, the company responsible for the Xbox Kinect 3D-sensor technology. The company was acquired for $345 million, according to Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist.

It was first reported in July that Apple was in talks with PrimeSense for an acquisition.

“We are focused on building a prosperous company while bringing 3D sensing and natural interaction to the mass market in a variety of markets such as interactive living room and mobile devices,” a spokeswoman for PrimeSense said. “We do not comment on what any of our partners, customers or potential customers are doing and we do not relate to rumors or recycled rumors.”

This would be the second Israeli company Apple acquired, with the flash storage chip maker Anobit bought in January 2012.

This is a great company for Apple to acquire. Who knows, maybe Apple is working on creating some kind of sensor technology or a touch-screen computer?


Study Finds that 34% of Millennials Watch More Online Videos than TV

Watching TV on Computer

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A recent New York Times survey found that 34% of Millennials watch more online videos than they do on an actual TV. That result is a bit shocking, I would think the percentage would be higher. With the lack of jobs out there, a lot of young graduates can’t even afford cable.

Millennials covers the age group of 18 to 34-year-olds. While most generations span about 16 years, I personally think grouping this big age group together doesn’t make a lot of sense. Current 18-year-olds now grew up never knowing a time before cell phones and internet, while those in their mid 20s and 30s clearly remember a time without. Now I will finish my rant and get back to the topic at hand…

The study reported that about one in three Millennials watch less TV than online videos. 50% of those surveyed said they watched online videos at least once per day.

34% of surveyed millennials said they watch mainly online video or no broadcast TV. Only 20% of Generation Xers (Those born in the early 1960s to early 1980s) and 10% of Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) had the same preference for online videos.

The reasons Millennials gave for watching more online video, 49% said that they like how they can watch it instantly and are able to watch several episodes online.

The study showed that 50% of Millennials who said they watch videos online do so once per day, and 89% said they watch weekly.

Where do you prefer to watch videos?

IMG: via Mashable

IMG: via Mashable

What To Do With Your Old Technology

Recycle Electronics

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Most people have some kind of old technology lying around, whether it’s that flip phone from high school or a broken computer, they can all be put towards good use.

According to Mashable, “the average mobile customer already owns two unused cellphones, though only a small fraction of gadgets are actually recycled.”

Mashable created a great guide on recycling old gadgets, check out some of the tips below.

1. Use Technology Recycling Programs 

There are tons of big tech companies that have gadget recycling programs. Some include Best Buy, Apple, LG, and Nintendo.
2. Donate to a Non-Profit Organization
While you won’t get money back for it, non-profits work to refurbish and give electronics to those in need. Some programs include Call2Recycle, Cell Phones for Soldiers, and the EPA.
3. Sell/Trade in Gadgets
Gazelle, Gyde, and the Amazon Trade in Program will give you cash for your old devices. While you may only get 20 bucks, it can be better than nothing.
4. Turn Your Gadgets into Something Else
Mashable sugests that you repurpose your old gadgets into DIY projects, look here for some creative ideas.
If you have any other ideas on what to do with old electronics, comment below.
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