Owl Rock, Others Vie for PDI Awards

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The Private Debt Investor Awards are the only independent industry awards voted on and awarded to the industry. Last year, more than 90 private debt companies in 30 categories across three regions competed for recognition. This year, accolades include Lender of the Year, Law Firm of the Year, and many more.

The competition is tight in many of the categories. With 1,000 respondents so far casting votes in 40 different areas, one of the biggest battles is happening in Global Newcomer of the Year (entries include Marc Lipschultz’s Owl Rock Capital Partners, Bon French’s Adam Street Partners, Jakob Lindquist’s CORDET Direct Lending, and Jeff Pentland’s Northleaf Capital). The running is also close in Asia Pacific Lender of the Year, Fundraising of the Year, and Europe Law Firm of the Year.

So if you’re involved in the industry, there’s no question that your vote will count!

The annual awards are held by Private Debt Investor, a publication of record for the private credit market. Founded in London in 2001, Private Debt Investor is written for providers and users of debt for private assets. PDI covers institutions, funds, and transactions shaping the private debt market. The monthly magazine comes out 10 times a year and helps those in the industry look at both short and long-term trends and themes so they can better serve their clients.

Their website and publications also cover global news and research directly affecting the world’s private debt markets.

In addition to their reports, articles, books, and databases, Private Debt Investor hosts more than 50 conferences and forums all over the world. In 2017 they will host a conference in Germany and one in New York City.

PDI is overseen by its parent company, PEI, a global B2B information group focused on private equity, private real estate, private debt, infrastructure, and agri investing.

The 2016 PDI Awards are off to a great start, but there’s still time to get your vote in! The nomination form will be available until midnight PST on Thursday, January 7. Participants are encouraged but not required to vote in each category. Votes are only accepted from official company emails, and participants may not vote for themselves or their own firms.

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