New Delivery Service in NYC Promises to Deliver Anything in an Hour

PostmatesNew York is known as the place where you can get anything you want. Frozen yogurt and a hot dog at 4 in the morning, why not? A San Francisco startup has decided to help this need become even more accessible to New Yorkers. The app is already sucessfull in Seattle and San Fransisco.

Yesterday, the free IOS app, Postmates officially launched for those living in the Flatiron District. The app lets users select from a long list of restaurants and stores and order what they want. The delivery fees start at $6.99, so you probably won’t want to order something from just around the block unless you’re sick in bed.

“People really go for that piece of pizza that they like that doesn’t deliver,” said Bastian Lehmann, CEO of Postmates. “It’s often artisan food that’s not easy to get at every street corner.”.

In fact, Lehmann has already used the app himself in preparation for a TV appearance later that day. “I just got from them a pair of blue socks for my shoes because I’m wearing a blue suit for the first time in a year,” Lehmann said.

Some people question why an app like this is necessary in a city that has everything. Lehmann argues that a lot of New York restaurants don’t deliver, and even if they do, his app will be easier and more efficient. Instead of calling them and figuring out a time to stop by, you just have to plug the information into the app and wait for it to be brought to you.


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